From: David E. Berthiaume Jr. (
Date: 08/21/95

	#define COLOUR(ch, lev, str) (COLOUR_LEV(ch) >= lev ? str : KNUL)
 	#define BOLD 	"\x1b[1m"
	#define FLASH   "\x1b[5m"
	#define CLEAR   "\x1b[2J"
	#define INVERSE "\x1b[7m"
	#define BLACK   "\x1b[30m"
	#define WHITE   "\x1b[37m"
Whoever wrote this want to help me a sec?
I defined the following:
#define BRED   "\x1b[41m"
for a background of red
it didn't work
am I suppose to cat it in or something? all I did was type it in exactly 
as shown
tho your stuff worked (I cut and pasted it :))

Thanks in advance
	- David 'Kevin' of Thryne

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