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From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/25/95

> >I think has a machine where muds run.  Course, you have to 
> >*pay* for 
> >them to run (gack!).  But if you can pay, it might be an option.
> i contacted  the mud site charge is incredably expensive, 1 to 
> 8$ a day plus regular account charges. thanks Price Hall but  no thanks. i 
> havnt got an extra 300 bucks a month to spare :p . is there a way that i 
> can get a site at a college or something?

Perhaps you could find a commercial service to build a MUD on.  The system
I'm developing a CircleMUD variant for is a commercial system;  Chrysalis
(the variant) is free access to all and is open for telnet connections. 
However, without paying on the server here (Resonance), a user gets 10
mins per call, 90 mins per day, and has access to the MUD, email and tele. 
Paying gives them unlimited time, including MUD time. 

Though users can telnet in for free, I'm setting up a local MUD client for
Resonance so users have an incentive to pay on Resonance to get into the
MUD.  This is the clincher for getting the MUD to bring in cash.  Once I 
get the client working to my liking it's going online for Chrysalis.

> 						Robert Urbaniak
>                                     (the no site frustrated programer)

Hee hee, ain't it the truth.  With programming comes due frustration.  
Almost a curse, but damn does it feel good! ;)

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