MultiMUD programmers need help :)

From: Katzlberger Thomas (cat@garfield.Vanderbilt.Edu)
Date: 08/25/95

Hi all,

Hmmm, we ran into a very nasty bug crashing in malloc().
The interesting thing is that all parameters passed to this
function are ok and it happens on 2 different architectures.
A NeXT and a SUN both using different versions of gcc.
The only difference is that I upgraded the socials from
the standard file (18KB) to the new one - 48KB big.
Another fact is that if we insert a new command in the
master command (Tm.) in interpreter.c list in the middle
it will crash while booting, if we remove it and insert it
on the end of the list it (just before the '\n') it works.

I am completely lost on this bug since the debugger gives no  
information at all.

So has anyone else encountered such a nasty, annoying thing.

Thanks, Kilian@MultiMUD (telnet 4242)

Fri Aug 25 14:54:03 :: Assigning function pointers:
Fri Aug 25 14:54:03 ::    Mobiles.
Fri Aug 25 14:54:04 ::    Shopkeepers.
Fri Aug 25 14:54:04 ::    Objects.
Fri Aug 25 14:54:04 ::    Rooms.
Program generated(1): Memory access exception on address 0x2ea467de  
(invalid address).
0x5008ba2 in nxzonefreenolock ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x5008ba2 in nxzonefreenolock ()
#1  0x5008a52 in nxzonemallocnolock ()
#2  0x5008fe0 in nxzonemalloc ()
#3  0x500988e in malloc ()
#4  0x3316e in read_object (nr=1912, type=1) at db.c:755
#5  0x60cd4 in assign_rooms () at spec_assign.c:370
#6  0x31eae in boot_db () at db.c:271
#7  0x2dfac in init_game (port=4242) at comm.c:276
#8  0x2df40 in main (argc=1, argv=0x3fffccc) at comm.c:248

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