Re: Mobprogs

From: Mark Redshaw(midnight) (
Date: 08/26/95

I have seen this on a amiga version of 2.20 in witch it was in the form a 
same code probly
unforchunately the sysops of this little insignificant bbs are jerks
and even after me shareing several of my own areas and a snippit of code 
and my help they did not live up to a trade for this code they basicly 
kicked me off the system
of corce I called a friend of mine who also shows a bit of an interest in 
hacking and phreaking and I gave him the number and well
they had there week of hell

but I would definetly be interested in a patch some code or something on 
how to do this
I figured out how to use mobprograms as teleporters but havent tryed it 
out yet
basicly it involves useing the bribe trigger and the goto and transport 

On Sat, 26 Aug 1995, The Mighty Spaz Twit wrote:

> I have 2 questions:
> 1. can someone upload a patch for circle 3.08 to put mobprogs in?
> 2. I am having a little difficulty putting buses in my mud.
>     ie, a vehicle traveling a preset path, stops for a tick at each stop,
>     and pc's can enter it (enter bus, or board, or whatever)
>     it moves like a pc, but can hold pc's like a room. 
>     if anyone here has put something like this in, i would like to hear 
>     about it..
> Spaz

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