Re: House problems in Circle30bpl8

From: David A. Carver (
Date: 09/29/95

->From:  ("Matthew T. Churilla")
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->Subject:        Re: House problems in Circle30bpl8

->OK easy...In comm.c there is a func called close_socket.  Inside thie func 
->there is a func called save_char which takes a second argument of integer
->which is the load room.  The save_char func is in db.c.  All you need to do
->is write a macro or something like CHAR_IN_HOUSE which returns nowhere if a
->character isn't in a house or the house room virtual number if a charcter is 
->in a house.  Then make sure that when a character is read in from a file...
->interpreter.c(nanny function) that if the load_room != NOWHERE then the load
->room is = real_room(load_room).  Easy pseudo code for it any other questions 
->just ask.

Thanks for the suggestion again.  I'll take a look at and try something 
like that later today.  I appreciate your help.

Dave Carver

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