House problems in Circle30bpl8

From: David A. Carver (
Date: 09/28/95

Here is the problem I'm running into.  When a person quits in their house I
want them to return to their house the next time they show up.  However, 
apparently the current house code does not support this.  What I have 
working is the following.  I have it so that it will correctly return a 
player to there house if they quit in the house, BUT it only works if they 
exit only to the menu and then re-enter the game right from there.  If 
they quit all the way out then it doesn't reload them in there house but 
the default start room for the players.

I have added the following code to the the char_from_room() function in 
handler.c which is called from extract_char, which is called when a player 
quits the game. Anyway here is the code added to the end of 
char_from_room() to get it working to the point it is now:

/* Save the room so that the character is reloaded into the room next 
time. */
   if (ROOM_FLAGGED(ch->in_room, ROOM_HOUSE))
      ch->in_room = world[ch->in_room].number;
     ch->in_room = NOWHERE;
     ch->next_in_room = NULL;

As I said this works fine if the user quits in their house, and then 
reenters from the menu, but not if they quit all the way out.  Any help 
would be greatly appreciated.  I know the extra { } aren't needed but I 
include them for readability.

Dave Carver

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