Date: 10/01/95

Hello All,

	I have just gotten access to a full time site!  I have decided
to make this posting in the circlemud mailing list in hopes of
finding a completed mud (or almost completed).  The mud must come
with at least a couple full time coders.  I really want this because
I want the mud to expand alot!  The site is very stable and I am basically
the only person with access to this site.  No other muds are on this site.
I currently have an almost completed merc mud on it but I really have grown
to like circlemuds.
	If you are interested in this site please send me email discribing
your mud (in detail please)  I also need to know what special request
you would make.  Please, i want a mud that is going to be around awhile,
not leave the first chance they get to another site.
I consider myself easy to get along with but I do expect alot of say
in what happens with the mud.  I would also like to possible test your
mud before deciding to compile it on my machine.  If you could compile
it on your machine then boot it for five minutes that would be great!
If this isn't possible then please give a better discription of your mud.
Again, I don't want new muds.  I want muds that have been coded on alot.
I have a couple offers already, but maybe you have what i am looking for!
Talk to you soon....I hope :)

Steve  From FunkyMUD!

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