RE: Olc

From: Hai Nguyen (
Date: 10/02/95

> On Tue, 26 Sep 1995, Daniel W. Burke wrote:
> > I seem to remember the author if redit and iedit saying something about 
> > ftp'n a medit to the jhu site a couple weeks ago.... (hint hint :P)

  I suggest you dont use IEDIT since I found that using it during the game
causes all vnums of objects to increase by +1 and when players save their
character, the new vnum is saved. When the player logs out and comes back
in, the code loads up the new vnum objects with the old object stats
and things go extremely haywire.
  Also, I found that using REDIT doesnt find the correct zone number when
editing new or current rooms. I have fixed this but found that even though
the virtual zone numbers are correct for the edited room, it still causes
zone updates to go haywire. It saves on disk ok though, with the correct
zone numbers etc so I know its just the SAVESTRING case that is slightly
screwy. I havent been able to pin-point it yet. So my solution is to
simply have a builders port and wizlock it against players.


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