Date: 10/02/95

Hello All,

	I had made a post offering a site for a mud.  I am still 
taking requests for this site.  I will most likely be deciding 
at the end of the week.  I have received quite a few requests for
a site for circle 2.2, are there any people with circle 3.0 muds
that have been coded alot?  If so, I have only received a couple of
requests from them.  However, I am NOT excluding circle 2.2 I am
giving serious consideration to ALL.  I currently have been playing on
the site for awhile.  there is a merc mud running on it know that
has been coded alot, however I am not crazy about merc muds.
       I want to apologize to all the coders on here that don't
like to hear about this.  I figured the best place to turn for
circle muds is the circlemud mailing list.  Just remember, you needed
a site once too. :)   
	Another point, if you send in your request, I want a mud with

Thank You ,

and sorry for using your coding list for this,

also known as Ig :)

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