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From: Glenn Campbell (glenn@ccgc.tc.gc.ca)
Date: 10/02/95

Circle 3.0 Gurus:

Recently I have attempted to change my Circle 3.0 mud to a 74 level system
(70 mortal and 4 Immortal levels). To accomodate this change I changed the
LVL_IMPL = 74 in config.c and changed the LVL_IMMORTAL to 71. I then added
to the class structure in CLASS.C . I also setup new thaco tables and saving
throw tables. Everything seems to work fine with one exception. When I (as
happy IMP) advance a mortal to level <= 50 its screwed. He/she gets advanced
to like 14. I guess I'm gonna have to take a close look at the advance()
function and see if it requires some serious changing. But if anyone has any
recommendations on any other things I need to change, please let me know. (
I know I need lots of spells and skills - working on that).

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