Re: your mail

From: Hai Nguyen (
Date: 10/03/95

On Mon, 2 Oct 1995, Glenn Campbell wrote:

> throw tables. Everything seems to work fine with one exception. When I (as
> happy IMP) advance a mortal to level <= 50 its screwed. He/she gets advanced
> to like 14. I guess I'm gonna have to take a close look at the advance()
> function and see if it requires some serious changing. But if anyone has any
> recommendations on any other things I need to change, please let me know. (
> I know I need lots of spells and skills - working on that).

  You failed to mention if you had added extra elements in the xp array in
class.c for ALL classes.  Also, you prolly need to look at the advance code
to see if it had set a range or limit for advance just like the set command.


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