From: Hai Nguyen (hai@progsoc.uts.edu.au)
Date: 10/03/95

  Heya folks, I have found yet another bug that would cause the mud
to automatically shutdown because of an eternal loop that lasts longer
than the prescribed period.
  It has to do with the shopkeeper code. Whenever you try to attempt to
kill a shopkeeper it slaps you and tells you to stop it! Anyways, what
if you are attacking something in the same room and the shopkeeper
(being flagged HELPER) assists the mob and you finally kill the mob?
Then you would suddenly be attacking the shopkeeper, who would slap you
and tell you to stop it etc...whilst receiving no damage. This as you can
see could go on until mud shuts down.
  Solution: in shop.c search for MSG_CANT_KILL_KEEPER and right before the
return (FALSE) add the following
  if (FIGHTING(vict) == ch) {

  Well, enjoy this because I spent a damn week trying to pinpoint why
the mud kept crashing, especially when there were alot of ppl on.
PS: the nomad merchants are the ones that specifically does this.


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