Color/Toggle/Newbie Pack (fwd)

From: B.H. Chan (
Date: 10/06/95

> Subject: Color/Toggle/Newbie Pack
> on or off.  I.E. A newbie enters the game and Autoexits is already on.  Can
> anybody point me to where I need to go here?
> Last, but not least - Can anybody please show me sample code of how to
> create a newbie pack?  I would like this pack to appear on the newbie as he
> first enters the game.

Sorry about the mess, my system went down and took jove with it, so I'm
stuck with vi (jove = emacs (sorta)).... which I am not very good at using
forinstance, I just deleted the oringinal mailer's name... *doh*.  ANyway,
the questions.  First, look at class.c in do_start... here's where I
have the code set up the following for my newbies:
	Autoexit (which shows names of exits)
	sets starting skill levels for some classes
	sets starting gold (depending on classes of the char)
	sets the prompt to all (hp, mana, move, gold, xp'til'next, but
		not my auto-diagnose)
	sets summonable, and no-quit (so they don't accidentally type
		'quit' and lose all their stuff.)
I also set notitle because on my mud, you have to earn your title or
be stuck with the generic titles (which I revamped a little)
I also just finished ranged-attacks and implemented the fireWeapon
class... if I can keep the darn mud up, I'd show ya'all :)
(now, to work on all 1000 monstermanual mobs and around 300 basic
weapons.... *sigh*.. do you guys do your muds solo, or do you seek

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