Re: Portal spell .... (fwd)

From: B.H. Chan (
Date: 10/06/95

> From: (Daniel W. Burke )
> Subject: Re: Portal spell ....
 >When trying to implement the portal spell, I got an error requiring me 
> >to declair extern struct index_data *obj_index[];
> >but then I get an arror with GET_OBJ_VNUM() 
> >
> >request for member virtual in 
> >
> welp, I finaggled around that.. not I'm getting impliced decleration of 
> CREATE() in the spells.c code for it...
> Any ideas?
Starting to get better at vi.. *sigh*... anyway, I usually get that
sort of error when I accidentally forget to close a parens... those
are especailly hard to check sometimes. Otherwise, maybe you're not
including  the right files?  I also get around imp.decs by going to
the top and typing a template for the function:
near the 'global' variables. :)
(hope that made sense...):

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