portal spell (fwd)

From: B.H. Chan (bhchan@csua.berkeley.edu)
Date: 10/06/95

> From: dwb@ix.netcom.com (Daniel W. Burke )
> Subject: portal spell

> When trying to implement the portal spell posted that used the object 
> vnum 31 for a portal, I get a compile error
> "request for meber 'virtual' not in a structure or union'
> when compiling limits.c
> I inserted the code directly before the check for corpses....
Anyone with vi savvy know why 'd j' deletes two lines?
Anyway, shouldn't that be VIRTUAL in caps?... I think that made
a difference once while I was hacking... sorry if I'm way off. 
(just realized... my .sig hasn't been appeneded because my account
when with the diskdrive failure on my machine (err... school account)
-Billy H. Chan  Strom's Lost Lands (Lost because I can't get anyone
to play on a mud with no wld/mob/obj)

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