Re: compile problem

From: Steven R. Nevid (
Date: 10/07/95

Try commenting out the two min max lines. I compiled on my BSD site and 
it gave me an error on that line.. something like Min/Max already 
defined.. or something..when i commented those two line out, it compiled 
fine. I think it depends on the compiler if Min/Max procedure it built 
it. Give it a try.

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On Sat, 7 Oct 1995, Ryan Lynch wrote:

> 	I'm still having problems compiling Circle on my sys.  I've tried 
> 2.20 and 3.0 and am still having the same problems.  The OS I'm trying to 
> get this thing running on is SunOS 5.4.  The problem is I'm getting a 
> parse error before 'int' on line 25 and 26 of utils.h when it tries to 
> compile comm.c, the first file.  I'm assuming it has something to do with 
> the MIN/MAX functions but can't seem to see what it is.  Any help would 
> be greatly appreciated and sorry if this is just cluttering you mail box.  
> Thanks:)
> -Ryan

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