Re: MOB_MEMORY with Circle 3.0

From: E.I. (
Date: 10/11/95

->It seems to me in playing with the base circle 3.0 code that when a group
->attacks a mob with memory, that the mob only remembers the tank. Am I wrong
->about this? I am about 95% through coding a MOB_SUMMONER that will summon
->opponents that flee away back and attack them, however, I am finding that
->the mob does not summon everyone in the group. Only the first person in the
->group that attacks the mob (tank) gets summoned. 
->Any Ideas?

	About the memory of the mobile you are correct unless you have 
changed your fight system allowing a random hit to every attacker fo every
attacker and funny-bunny things like this. Hmm one solution can be to
look for the group of the memorized person and summon randomly one guy 
from there, that is insane, or simply summon the guy that attacked him
1st hence as you call'im "the tank".
	To summon everyone in the group: a cheap and buggy version is as I said
check the descriptors for the guy in memory, 
above: do a ch->master check and a follower check and then with a for
loop do a char_to_room stuff to get them in the room of yer mob.

	Urm I do not see yer point but, a very silly way is to trap the
flee command! do a if check for fight and for flee command and 
summon the guy. 

	Hope that was a helpfullllzzz :)


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