Re: Hunter Bitstring

From: John Neil (
Date: 10/11/95

On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, Glenn Campbell wrote:

> Has anyone on this list coded a hunter bitstring. I'm interested in creating
> some hunter mobs on my mud, but I need to code this implementation. If
> anyone could guide me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
> What I'm specifically talking about is a mob that remembers any attackers
> that fled and hunts them down until dead.

Lincoln Chan (who at least USED to be a member of this list) coded a
hunter system for me.  We first created a seeker spec that would track
folks across the MUD.  Then, we created a system whereby certain hunter
mobs would be loaded in particular locations and begin hunting characters
when other mobs were killed.  For example, we had some little bunnies in
an Irish setting and every time you killed one, a fairly mean-tempered mob
loaded and tracked you down.  We also have systems were if you kill a
hunter, a tougher hunter gets loaded.  Lots of fun for all. 


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