From: Dennis R. Haag (
Date: 10/11/95

I recently had a big security breach on my mud and
was wondering if anyone else has had similar
problems. I had a user that was able to access any
of the god commands. He could kill any mob with a
single blow and modify his stats and turn off
hunger and thirst. He could see any god even when
they were invisible. He could also goto anywhere
and read the immort board and hear the wiznet. He
sure had a lot of fun with the online creation....

Anyway, I spoke with him and he claimed to be some
security analyst. He said all diku-based muds have
some huge holes. Of course he wouldn't share any
of his little secrets with me. He said most people
wouldn't be able to hack one....

Either my immorts are lying to me and helped this
guy out or there is a big hole in the security.

Any comment, questions, advice?

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