Re: Security

From: Steve (
Date: 10/11/95

On Wed, 11 Oct 1995, Dennis R. Haag wrote:

> Anyway, I spoke with him and he claimed to be some
> security analyst. He said all diku-based muds have
> some huge holes. Of course he wouldn't share any
> of his little secrets with me. He said most people
> wouldn't be able to hack one....
1. who codes the mud? (actually writes the code), talk to him/her as 
circle30 doesn't have any "holes" i know of, except a impl impl bug 
(where imps can un-imp each other)... 
QuestioN: Why would there be a "security analyst" for a mud? Gotta admit, 
lots of need to be protected files IN the mud. One thing for sure, this 
guy is pulling your leg on who he is.

> Either my immorts are lying to me and helped this
> guy out or there is a big hole in the security.
I think your IMMs are lying :)

> Any comment, questions, advice?
Check the logs!!! Then fry everybody who helped

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