Re: real_room to NOWHERE

From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 05/02/95

> "Preferably some form that checks real_room is not NOWHERE before using it."
> I've gotten a few crashbugs by using char_from_room and char_to_room in
> a foolhardy manner; so that the character winds up in NOWHERE.  Usually
> any action involving an act() or other message to the room will instantly
> crash the mud, without providing a good pointer to what caused it.
> So, as a stop-gap measure I've been toying with the idea of putting in
> a check somewhere in the game loop to check a character's in_room when
> he types something, and if it's NOWHERE, moving him to the Void or
> somesuch location.
> Any recommendations for the best place to put this code snippet, or
> warnings against doing this?
> - tim
> (Tim Maddux,

i think this idea is silly, if the code wasn't broken in the first place, 
yu'd never have the problem. if it crashes the mud, fix it. if you cant 
fix it, put it back the way it was. use multiple binaries, and plenty of 
#if FALSE/#endif commenting.

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