uniqueness of objects

From: Erik (madison@nevada.edu)
Date: 10/12/95

   I'm sure there is a simple solution to this, but it is for now eluding me.
I just got finished creating a few weapon procs that do spells/whatever 1 
per day (or whatever I set it at).
eg. Once per day, you can tell your sword of lightning to cast lightning 
Problem is, if I have 2 of these in the game, and one player uses the 
power, the other owner cannot until that day is over. So, I need to 
somehow make each one unique. I messed around with setting a unique bit, 
based on the players name, to obj->value[3], since it was unused, but 
that faulted. Any other thoughts on this? Playing around, I cast cont. 
light on one, and left one alone, but still no avail. Can I even do this 
within the spec_proc alone?

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