Re: Security

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 10/12/95

On Wed, 11 Oct 1995, Edward Long wrote:

> Heh, all I wonder is WHY was he hacking a mud if he was a security 
> analyst?  Doesnt he have banks or something to get into?  Is Diku paying 
> him to hack muds :)


That's a completely ludicrous idea, Diku's creators haven't even inforced 
their licensing agreement against Medievia and those other idiots that 
remove their credits, etc.  It's far from likely they'd then "hire" a 
security expert to "hack" into a MUD, and since I doubt that it is even 
legal -- NO, Diku didn't hire this person.

Besides that fact, even if he was a "security expert", he had no 
permission from the owner of the MUD (if you're the owner, I doubt you 
gave him permission) and he caused problems - if someone did that to my 
MUD, I don't care if they were the damn President, I'd delete them and 
ban their site.

Daniel Koepke

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