Re: Security

From: Edward Long (
Date: 10/12/95

On Thu, 12 Oct 1995, Daniel Koepke wrote:
> That's a completely ludicrous idea, Diku's creators haven't even inforced 
> their licensing agreement against Medievia and those other idiots that 
> remove their credits, etc.  It's far from likely they'd then "hire" a 
> security expert to "hack" into a MUD, and since I doubt that it is even 
> legal -- NO, Diku didn't hire this person.
> Daniel Koepke
Of COURSE its ludicrous.  It was a joke.  Its just as ludicrous as the 
idea of someone analyzing the security of a mud with out any motive.  
Point was I doubted the fact he WAS a security specialist.


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