From: E.I. (
Date: 10/13/95

Mr. G.C. asked about auto_skills, 
	Okey say you want a skill of thief like dirty fight!
	then you do it as a normal skill...I mean add it to skill
	tables for the class thief etc etc, I hope you can do that
	much :)
	Now if I want that my PC uses it automatically in the fight,
	where shall I put it? not in the weather control system, so I 
	go and look where the MUD throws the dices during the fight
	for a hit and miss, nest I add a line to check the class and
	the skill percentage of dirty fight and if positive then
	I let via a random number query a message like : You bite the
	nose of yer opponent.
	Unfortunately I do not recall the function that controls the fight
	but this is how to check automatically for a skill, or take the
	skill of swim, oki the swim lets ya swim on WATER_SWIM places
	now U must check the skill in movement controller functions, so
	it will be after a do_movement or whatever is the function call
	there are checks for: DT's perhaps for NO_SWIMM PLACES etc well
	all U have to do look to the percent of the PC, do yer calculations,
	say that if U have over 100 kilos of weight and a DEX of 8 you will
	prooly drow, or something like this... well that is a logic to do 

	Hope that I helped although there is no explicit pure or even
	pseudo code.

	Cheers, Emre

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