Loading Objs on Chars

From: Glenn Campbell (glenn@ccgc.tc.gc.ca)
Date: 10/14/95

I've presently trying to implement code to add gear to new players when the
player logs on to my mud for the first time. What I have done is created an
integer array of type sh_int with each element = the virtual number of the
piece of gear I want to load. If I have the virtual # of the pieace of gear
what steps are involved in 
deriving the actual object. I tried using GET_OBJ_RNUM() however passing
that my array value didn't work. If someone could give me the steps involved
in deriving the object and loading the object to the char I would be
eternally grateful. I know this is probably a trivial question for most of
you, but I am very new to circle3.

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