Re: Hansth

From: Steven R. Nevid (
Date: 10/14/95

On Sat, 14 Oct 1995 wrote:

> Any of you read in the newsgroups about a character named Hansth? well
> he has struck again, conning "Legend of Blade and Magic" into thinking
> he was one of the original diku coders, then he logs on and makes everything
> out of wack on the mortal side of the mud (godload eq everywhere, most people
> were level 6 when he got on, they're all like 50 now)
> It's a good thing they site banned him (us, yes im from the same site as him)
> because it wouldnt be long until he started to screw the .c files.
> BTW: He went by the name Zodiac this time

All I have to say is it is very, VERY surprising that someone like this 
could even get away with it in the 1st place. Someone on my mud, a long time 
ago, tried to pass himself off as Hans Henrick from the original Diku coder. 
I not being as gullible as some asked him to prove that he was infact who 
he said he was. He couldn't even give me his original email address.. 
which btw is not even from the US, which most of u know by reading any 
Circle or Diku readme files. If the people at that mud were a little more 
cautious about who they give privs to, this would never have happend.

Nuff said.


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