Re: Disarm Skill (fwd)

From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 10/17/95

>>>>> "Billy" == 陈浩然  <Billy> writes:

 Billy> Does anyone know where an object that is not obj_to_room'ed
 Billy> go?  I fixed my bug, but I'm interested in finding out what
 Billy> could've happened (did equip appear out of no where in some
 Billy> strange place in my mud, or did it cause some memory
 Billy> leakage...)

Looking at the code I think I found out the following:

Equipping an obj only works when it's in room NOWHERE and not carried_by.
So unequipping without putting it either in someones inventory or a room
just leaves it in room NOWHERE i.e. out of sight for mortals - and even
high immortals can't get it back from there I guess.


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