Re: Disarm Skill (fwd)

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 10/17/95

   > From: Pink Floyd <>
   > [On disarm losing the equip]
   > try this:   
   >         struct obj_data *tmp;
[/* generally informative comments snipped */]
   > 	tmp = unequip_char(vict, WEAR_WIELD);
   > 	obj_to_room(tmp, vict->in_room);

   Actually, you can save a temp pointer by combining the two statements 
	   obj_to_room(unequip_char(vict, WEAR_WIELD), vict->in_room);

Ya, I know that ;-)... but I figured it was probably more instructive to 
tell whoever it was (you? can't remember) what was going on.  They clearly
didn't realize that unequip_char returns a pointer, and I don't think that
your method, though more efficient and the way I would have done it, really
makes that clear.  That being said, ...

   Does anyone know where an object that is not obj_to_room'ed go?
   I fixed my bug, but I'm interested in finding out what could've 
   happened (did equip appear out of no where in some strange place in
   my mud, or did it cause some memory leakage...)

The object still exists (i.e., that particular instantiation of the prototype
is still in the game, and takes up memory), but now there might be no way
of referring to it!  Unless there is a global linked list of all the objects
in the world, which I don't recall encountering, then failing to pick up
the pointer from unequip_char could forever lose that object - a memory leak!
What I don't understand is why a) the person's compiler didn't flip out at
the original statement, which was blatantly inconsistent with the prototype
for unequip_char(), or b) they chose to ignore the message and wondered
how their routine could possibly be messing up!  Just a reminder to you coders,
its a good idea to keep the -Wall flag on gcc.

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