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Date: 10/24/95

At 04:45 AM 10/24/95 -0500, you wrote:
>Well, Im a former builder and figured Id give full imp'ing a try after 
>many months of debating and talking to others.  Ive got the site set up 
>and the circle running and have explored it a bit just to see how things 
>are set up.
>	Ive run into a slight snag though, in showing it to someone who 
>was thinking about helping me out (previously only been on mushes) he 
>asked how to practice.  I told him, and we discovered that he is unable 
>to practice in skills he doesnt already have some skill in.  i.e. Being a 
>theif he started with only sneak.  He couldnt train in steal or 
>anything.  I created a test character and found the same true for it.  
>Can anyone tell me what the problem here is?  And if theres any way to 
>set the guilds to be able to teach skills that are not known already in 
>some way by the character?
>	Also, Ive not be able to find the combat skills, the combat realated are 
>there (i.e. bash, kick, etc.) but the three that it says should be there 
>(slash, pierce, blugeon) I cannot find.  Can anyone tell me where they are
in the code?  
>Thanks for the help, Ironwolf the would be Imp.
Slash, Pierce and bludgeon are not skills (at least not usually), but rather
they are attack types (slashing weapons, piercing (backstabbers) and
bludgeoning (maces/clubs etc..). My circle 3 came with bash, punch, track
and kick for warriors. I had to add new skills on my own. Examples are
warcry and berserk.
  As far as skills go - the coder sets the level at which skills can be
practiced in spell_parser.c in circle3 code. So a player will only be able
to practice those skills that have been set to be available at <= his/her level.

Hope this helps :)
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