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From: Joe (
Date: 10/24/95

> Well, Im a former builder and figured Id give full imp'ing a try after 
> many months of debating and talking to others.  Ive got the site set up 
> and the circle running and have explored it a bit just to see how things 
> are set up.
> 	Ive run into a slight snag though, in showing it to someone who 
> was thinking about helping me out (previously only been on mushes) he 
> asked how to practice.  I told him, and we discovered that he is unable 
> to practice in skills he doesnt already have some skill in.  i.e. Being a 
> theif he started with only sneak.  He couldnt train in steal or 
> anything.  I created a test character and found the same true for it.  
> Can anyone tell me what the problem here is?  And if theres any way to 
> set the guilds to be able to teach skills that are not known already in 
> some way by the character?
> 	Also, Ive not be able to find the combat skills, the combat realated are 
> there (i.e. bash, kick, etc.) but the three that it says should be there 
> (slash, pierce, blugeon) I cannot find.  Can anyone tell me where they are in the code?  
> Thanks for the help, Ironwolf the would be Imp.

     As it is now, as I understand, Skills are deterined by level, ie: 
     Thives gain Backstab lets say at level 3, it shouldn't even show up 
     as something he CAN practice till he hits level 3.  And Unfourtionatly
     I think spells are doen by class only, ie: if you create a character
     and make him 20th level,he has all the spells/skills of a 20th level
     mage, but if you then change his class to a cleric *poof* he's got 
     spells of a cleric of 20th level, you'd have to make something where 
     certain spells for individual characters are saved seperatly somewhere.


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