Re: Zone Idleing code?

From: Naved A Surve (
Date: 10/26/95

In message <Pine.SOL.3.91.951026120119.1394B-100000@qlink> you said:
> On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, Naved A Surve wrote:
> > I always thought that micromanagement of your memory was best left up to the
> > Unix kernel (assuming you had a decent Unix)
> > 
> If you don't have the physical memory tho'... you need to optimize your
> memory taking up.  The kernal can only optimize so much after all.

If you don't have the physical memory, then the kernel will put those pages
you aren't using into a backing store like a swap file or swap disk.  In
fact, some unices will swap out pages even if you do have the memory, so it
can use that memory as part of the cache.  The only place where this causes
a problem in a mud is that some spec procs will keep a zone active even when
no one is in there.  My guess is that the kernel can swap an area in and out
of memory faster than you can, especially given that you will be re-parsing
an ascii data file, while the kernel will be simply shifting bytes from the
storage into main memory.


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