Looking for a ZON file

From: David A. Carver (DCARVER@cougar.colstate.cc.oh.us)
Date: 10/26/95

I found a set of world files called EARTH and EARTH2.  It included the 
MOB, OBJ, and WLD files, but whoever uploaded it never included the ZON 
files.  I found these at the ftp.math.okstate.edu mud ftp site.  Does 
anybody have a ZON file for this world?

Dave Carver

Ferengi Rules of Acquisition:
184 & 191. A Ferengi waits to bid until his opponents
           have exhausted themselves.
           -- Tunk, TNG Novel #33 - Balance of Power (p157)
 Tunk was corrected as to the number of this RofA as being 184
           Note: Non-Canon

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