Fwd: Re: Zone Idleing code?

From: Daniel W. Burke (dwb@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 10/26/95

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From: dwb@ix.netcom.com (Daniel W. Burke )
Subject: Re: Zone Idleing code?
To:  Pink Floyd <floyd@south.mit.edu>
You wrote: 
>   Is there an easy way to write zone idle code? or is it already 
>   and I'm too blind and stupid to see it?
>What do you mean, zone idle code?

well, I've played a few muds with it (JedMUD was an example), where, if 
a zone hasn't been entered by a PC in a specified amount of time, it 
idle... meaning, all the obj's and mobs are extracted so memory and cpu 
isn't wasted on a zone that noone is using....

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