Re: How many coders do you have?

From: Thomas G. Dailey (
Date: 10/26/95

On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, Edward Long wrote:

> Well, Ive got one coder as of right now, and Im brand new. Lucky for me 
> though the first one to want to join up was an expert in the system!!  
> So, as of yet I think he is more then ample...personally I figured Id 
> need three of four though...
> Im curious about how many everyone else has as well...
> Ironwolf
  FYI:  On Zombie we have 1 fulltime, 3 part-timers.  I've wanted a second
        fulltime and have posted on here for one but most coders are too busy
        in rl.  Moral of the Story:  You're lucky if you have 1 real good
        full-time coder type.  Yes, I'm very lucky and I hope I have more
        luck come my way *grin*.

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