Re: How many coders do you have?

From: Mark Coletti (
Date: 10/27/95

Ron Poulton pounded furiously on the keyboard:

> To Billy H. Chan (

> I'm the only coder of the CircleMUD running here; there are a couple of 
> people who are developing ideas for the MUD, and until I can ensure that 
> people don't code what they're not supposed to, I'll be the only coder.  
> (Which is really annoying.  Heh.)

	You should investigate using a configuration management (CM)
system, such as CVS, RCS, or (bleh) SCCS.  A configuration management
system will allow you to track source code changes.  Some CM systems
will even allow more than one person to work on the same file
simultaneously -- it will take care of merging the changes, warning
you of any conflicts.  (CVS, the CM I use, does this.)  Some CM
systems also allow modifications to take place on different "version
branches." This allows one to create a new version branch to do
something special (such as adding zone idling code :) that he or she
doesn't want to necessarily have added to the main code until they're
satisfied it's ready for prime-time.

	A colleague and I use CVS on a project at work.  We are both
able to work in parallel on the code.  I've set up CVS to send e-mail
to each other anytime we commit any code changes; that way, we keep
each other abreast of one another's progress.  Since we typically work
in different areas of the code, commit conflicts have been minimal.
Those conflicts that have occurred, CVS heartily flagged -- most of
them turn out to be something as innocuous as formatting differences
(e.g., the amount of spaces allocated for tab stops). 

	CVS has been a _big_ help to our project.  I wouldn't start a
new one without it or something darned similar.

	CVS is in the public domain.  I just grabbed the latest
incarnation, version 1.6, from yesterday.

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