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From: Glenn Campbell (
Date: 10/27/95

At 08:30 AM 10/27/95 EST, you wrote:
>     I just became curious with how Circle was written, after having played 
>     everyday for 6 months on Circle derivatives and downloaded the source 
>     a couple of days ago.  What I am amazed with is that the following 
>     don't exist in Stock Circle:
>     a) Races - It seems every MUD would want different races!
>     b) APR   - Wouldn't you want to have different Attacks per Round for 
>     different classes/races/levels of players and mobs?  These should be 
>     stock issued.
>     c) What else? - Those are the two that jumpd out at me, but I have not 
>     been looking at the code for more than a day or two.
>     Has anyone implemented the above and would like to share their code or 
>     method of implementing?
>     BTW.  I am using Circle 3.0 bpl8
>     glenn Ford
In response to your first question, I believe it to be more work to undo a
system that is stock than to code my own that is custom to what I want or
what you may want. I think Mr. Elson tried to leave as much room for
customization as possible. It may have been nice to have multi-race and
multi-attacks as part of base circle30bpl8 but its just as much fun to
create your own. I have coded multi-attacks on my mud and I'm working on
races now. If you or anyone else would like to see any code just drop me a
line. I'll do whatever I can to help a fellow coder :)


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