Re: Stock Circle missing..

From: Jaco van Iterson (
Date: 10/27/95

On Fri, 27 Oct 1995 wrote:

>      I just became curious with how Circle was written, after having played 
>      everyday for 6 months on Circle derivatives and downloaded the source 
>      a couple of days ago.  What I am amazed with is that the following 
>      don't exist in Stock Circle:
>      a) Races - It seems every MUD would want different races!
>      b) APR   - Wouldn't you want to have different Attacks per Round for 
>      different classes/races/levels of players and mobs?  These should be 
>      stock issued.
>      c) What else? - Those are the two that jumpd out at me, but I have not 
>      been looking at the code for more than a day or two.
>      Has anyone implemented the above and would like to share their code or 
>      method of implementing?
>      BTW.  I am using Circle 3.0 bpl8
>      glenn Ford

If all MUDs would run the same code and use the same worlds it wouldn't be
much fun, so I think the idea behind circle is to provide only the basic
things that all MUDs have and let each individual MUD make it's own additions
and changes.

Every new version of circle is easyer to maintain and debug (mostly your own bugs)
and makes it easyer to add new things.
I think this is more important than to add some features in the stock that
everybody is gonna change to his/hers own likings anyway.

I think this is why circle hasn't (realy) got player races and multiple attacks
per round.


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