Missing from Stock Circle - My group Response :)

Date: 10/27/95

     Hello all.  Instead of responding to each of you individually, I will  
     respond to you as a group, since you all had a common response.
     Your response, in general, is that Circle provides the Basic 
     functionality, and is not intended to add "features" like APR and 
     Races.  It is up to each implementor to add his/her own set of 
     I agree with what you have to say, BUT, I would respond with this.  It 
     seems like it would be fairly easy to implement a configurable, 
     paramterized file (or files) that define the behavior of your MUD.  
     The system, in effect, already does this for many things.  Such as 
     objects, mobs, zones, etc.
     Why not add new input file types that further define your world?  Why 
     hard code classes in an array?  Why not use input *paramterized* 
     Extend this out to APR and races (and many other areas i am sure), and 
     Circle could behave as it does TODAY, or with a simpleton [or someone 
     lazy like me :)'] writing a configuration text file, add APR and races 
     and classes and spells and much more.
     My point is that there are certain aspects of the game that are "hard 
     wired" and should be more extendable for non-coders.
     Maybe YOUR POINT is that we don't want to make it so Joe Schmoe, with 
     no programming background, should be able to setup a MUD and have the 
     Please don't get hung up on APR and races as my argument, so much as 
     making Circle more configurable.
     I am sure us hackers would want to replace anything that was developed 
     anyways, so this is probably a good time for me to say we must agree 
     to disagree.

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