Anyone used STROM from ftp site?

From: Chris Anderson (
Date: 10/27/95

        Anyone used that multi-class/race program available from the FTP
site with any success? I am a MAJOR NEWBIE, with not a lot of C programming,
but I am fast at grabbing concepts.  I am also new to this list.  I
originally got the code so I could start churning out areas, and that I
would have a place to test them and see if they work properly.  Are there
any UNIX(linux) or IBM editors for Circle2.2 or 3.0? 

        Any help with the above program would be appreciated.  It seems I
can gcc all of the programs individually in their own directory, however,
when I try to put the files into the source directory, it just gives me tons
of errors..

and I do realize it helps to post the errors, but I would like to figure it
out on my own.

        I just would like to know the proceedure to get the thing to work. 

This has been an emergency broadcast by yours truly,  if it had been a real
emergency, we all would have been dead by now, and you wouldn't hear this


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