SCAN code

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 10/29/95

I posted code for a scan command a while back, and I know that several people
have used it.  I just wanted to inform all that I found a bug :-(.  I have
not had time to fix it yet, but when I do I'll put up the new code with fix
(maybe at ftp site).  Anyways, the bug as I found it was that if a player types
scan and a god is invisible but there is someone else in the room (the god was
the second of 2 people in the room) then the name of the god appears and it
chops off the report of where they are...  here is an example, where Mindcrime
is an invisible god to the north (2 squares, I think, but not sure) :

You see the Guildmaster and MindcrimeYou see the mangy dog close by east.
You see Tamsin, Python, Tor and the Janitor close by south.
You see the mercenary and the Knight Templar close by west.

Other than this, I have not found any bugs in the scan code. Anyone else?

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