Re: #define GOD_ROOM_ZONE

From: Jaco van Iterson (
Date: 10/30/95

On Sat, 28 Oct 1995, FourSpace wrote:

> 	From: (Daniel W. Burke )
> 	Does the
> 	#define GOD_ROOMS_ZONE 2
> 	Mean anything other than in do_show zones?
> 	Apparently not, but I tent to miss the obvious :)
> 	(especially since the god zone is 12 and the define says 2)
> yeah, change that to what ever your god room zone may be... 12 probably.
> F

The god zone is probebly the 3th zone on your mud so 2 is right (0,1,2).
GOD_ROOMS_ZONE is only used in act.wizard.c which you can see for your
self by typing: grep GOD_ROOMS_ZONE *.h *.c    at a unix command line
while you are in the source directory.

It would be nicer to use the virtual zone number (12) instead of the
real zone number (2, which means the 3th zone in the database) but I
can't tell right now how to do it.


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