strange bug with locate object
Date: 10/30/95

I have noticed a bug with locate object on two muds that
I play/play god on.  One is a 3.0, the other is a 2.2 that is
so heavily modified and integrated with 3.0 code, I dont know
if the bug is native to 3.0 or if it existed in 2.2 also.

The bug is this...if you cast locate object dwarven lets say,
it will list dwarven plate mail, then it will start listing
various objects with plate as the keyword, and then it will
take a keyword from one of the plate objeccts, and continue down
the list.

It happens with certain objects it seems. Locate object kodarta
or memory, or whatever, will list nearly every staff inthe game.

I am not a coder so I dont know the code behind it, I just thought
that maybe one of the coders would want to figure it out and pass
it on to jeremy.


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