Re: Question about Reply Command

From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 05/03/95

> I've never found a need to reply to a mob.  Also, having loose char_data's
> structures out in the game don't always tempt my tummy.  ie: someone tells
> to you.  That someone logs out.  You're left with an empty structure in
> your reply_to box.  You'd have to add an extract_char line which basically
> checks the mud globally to remove any of those structures...sorta like how
> it's done for followers.  All this work, so you can reply to mobs?  Blah.

shrug, i disagree wich reply-to-mob fer diff reasons, IMO it's no big 
deal to add the code, and replying to mobs almost never occurs, but the 
concept of telling to a mob in the first place is too easily exploited. 

> tell fido u there dude?
You tell a fido, 'u there dude?'.
' da fido repoped, let's go kick his ass.

this dont make sense. neither do tell-pc tells, but thats another topic...

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