Re: Using lex and yacc for parsing

From: Wout Mertens (
Date: 11/01/95

On Tue, 31 Oct 1995, Mark Coletti wrote:
> Although CircleMUD has its good sides, it needs some basic things done first
> before new features are added:
> 	o Makefile should not have explicity dependencies; ``makedepend'' or
> 	  gcc -M should be used to automagically generate them
> 	o Makefile should rely as much as possible on implicit pattern
> 	  matching rules to eliminate redundancy and complexity
Uuh, so why don't you do that? Not that much work... We'll be delighted :)

> 	o Reduce dependency on pre-processor wherever possible
Duh? Why?

> 	o Simplify header files by moving as much as possible to
> 	  implementation files
You mean things like AFF_INVIS should not be in structs.h but in mudstuff.h?

> 	o Introduce opaque types to reduce code complexity
struct char_data -> char_data? or what do you mean?

> 	o Rely on lex and yacc for command line parsing
Why? Isn't it better to make our own parser that will take things like "P s"
as a format id for a function expecting 1 player and a string, that will 
process errors and such?

> 	o Re-visit the command language grammar and its implementation
See above

> 	o Rely on lex and yacc for world, zone, shop, and object file parsing
Yeees. I can live with that. Only it will be nice to see an implementation...
Must be ruff stuff.

> 	o Re-visit the world, zone, shop, and object file language syntax


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