Re: Using lex and yacc for parsing

From: Kenneth Cavness (
Date: 11/01/95

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995, Wout Mertens wrote:

> > 	o Reduce dependency on pre-processor wherever possible
> Duh? Why?

This is common; when one uses a preprocessor directive, they increase the
chances that during debugging it will be more difficult to find the error.
Also, preprocessor directives can increase code size without a major 
increase in speed, considering obtimization abilities these days.

Of course, this probably won't do a whole lot in ANSI C, but it would
be imperative in C++.

> > 	o Simplify header files by moving as much as possible to
> > 	  implementation files
> You mean things like AFF_INVIS should not be in structs.h but in mudstuff.h?

No, he means that he wants to move things from .h files to .c files. 

> > 	o Introduce opaque types to reduce code complexity
> struct char_data -> char_data? or what do you mean?

yes. Typedefs are your _Friends_.

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