extra ^M's in files from iedit/redit

From: Billy H. Chan (~{3B:FH;~}) (bhchan@csua.berkeley.edu)
Date: 11/01/95

Hi all,
	Finally had time to futz around with redit/iedit (in trying
to do a zedit that everyone will love), I realized why the thing was
putting them ^M's all over the place.... well... the culprit, at
least on the Sun, is that it's fprintf'ing "\r\n" instead of just
"\n"... the "\r" translates to that ^M we see and love.  So, if you're
using iedit/redit, go and chuck a few of them \r's that are in
fprintfs if you're using Unix (I'm not sure about dos, which may or
maynot need the ^M.... for instance, if I down load ascii text files
from my dos box to my linux box, sometimes I get them pesky ^M's.)
-Billy H. Chan	~{3B:FH;~}		    <bhchan@csua.berkeley.edu> 
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