Re: Mirror image (fwd)

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 11/03/95

You wrote: 
>On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) wrote:
>> Or, somewhere inside struct char_data *ch, add unsigned byte 
>	Adding a byte to char_data makes things difficult.
>> Make the spell a MAG_MANUAL | MAG_AFFECTS.
>> In fight.c, when checking for a hit, do:
>> 	if (dice(1, image_number) != 1) {
>> 		act("blahblahblah' ... TO_CHAR);
>> 		act("Blablahbalbh"... TO_ROOM);
>> 		image_number = MAX(1, image_number - 1);
>> 	}
>> heck, you don't even need an AFFECT flag... just check if 
image_number > 1,
>> and if it is... you're imaged... this sure beats the way I imp'ed 
>	Instead, maybe you COULD use an affect flag.  When you cast it, 
>it gives you APPLY_IMAGE by x, and each time an image is removed the 
>modifier is reduced by 1 until you hit 0.. then you remove the bit.
>	That way the # of images is stored in the affects structure, 
>which already has a spot for the modifier.

That's what I've done.... makes a neat little allowance for items that 
give mirrors :)

I still havn't figured out a good way actually put it all in fight.c 
tho :(
the above example it kinda what I want to do it, but exactly where 
should that code go? in hit()?

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