Re: Colors.

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 11/03/95

On Fri, 3 Nov 1995, Richard Adam wrote:

> I am using a Sun silly monitor or something, and when I have colors set 
> in CircleMUD 3.0... Most of them are quite bright and unreadable.. 
> Mainly greens, yellows, and blues.
> Has anyone else found this problem? And if so could you tell me of any other 
> ANSI codes to replace these colors with more visable ones, what with me 
> being a little less familliar with ANSI codes than yer average suitcase. 
> Thanks.

As far as I know, CircleMUD doesn't even use any blues or yellows in the 
stock code - and no bright colours at all.  You might want to play with 
your monitor's brightness and colour level adjustments (if it has them, 
if it doesn't then I might go o far as to suggest a new monitor).  
However, if you're really hard set on the ANSI codes, the only codes are 
in <screen.h>, which is missing intense (bold/bright) colours, you can 
change that by adding:

#define KBLD	"\x1b[1m"
#define KBLK	"\x1b[1;30m"	/* 0;30m would be black, useless */

And the appropriate other defines in <screen.h>  However, I suppose if 
you make everything dark blue... :)

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