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From: Who me? (
Date: 11/04/95

On Fri, 3 Nov 1995, Greg Alexander Irvine wrote:

> So much discussion on this topic, as others, I'd thought I'd throw my
> bit in as well.
> Why not just have..
> two mob flags
> and so.. when a player casts the spell 'x' mobs are loaded, 
> the long description of the player are copied to these mobs,
> the keyword is set to the player's name
> the short desc's are set appropriately.
> the damrolls etc are altered (you dont really want images with the same
>       damrolls etc of the pc do you?)
> - Greg     
Well you have some good ideas here and I decided to use them *grin*.
Anyway I used a MOB_IMAGE flag, if MOB_IMAGE don't make a corpse just 
extract the mob.  Instead of loading mobs with duplicate eq,
which could possibly cause some problems, I made a change in the look
function.  When I load the image mob I make it a follower of the 
caster to make checks easier, and the mob saves the IDNUM of the caster.

When a player looks at a mirror imaged mob the look function actually
checks the IDNUM of the caster and displays the caster in look.  This 
helps if the caster changes weapons or anything, and no need to dup eq.

The only thing I have left is to add some things in the hit function,
so that the attacking mob stumbles when attacking an image on occassion.
Also to set it up if a mob attacks an image he has a random chance to
hit the real target and vice versa, based on the number of imaged mobs of 


PS   Thanks for all the comments/suggestions on the subject.  If you guys 
     didn't bring it up I would not have even coded it *grin*.

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